What our past students say about their learning experience with Baptec ……

“As an adult returning to education as a mature student I found it daunting. Attending Baptec’s facilities made this transition easy. The welcoming approach to learning is not like a college setting but specific to Adults returning to education and in a more comfortable environment. The trainers and staff alike work on an ethos of ‘Respect’ which is widely displayed throughout Baptec. With their encouragement and support I felt right at home. Their adult education methods and philosophy to teaching gave me a big incentive to further my studies and continue to progress to diploma level. I would absolutely recommend Baptec’s courses, if you’re thinking of “returning to school” (adult education) discover what you can do to increase your skills or even a total career change, like me. ” – Collette Simpson (Train the Trainer May 2014)

The TRAIN THE TRAINER Course has proved to be one of the best courses that I have done so far. It was engaging from the beginning toCarol the end and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spend studying and working on assignments.  All the people in administration were superb and I was lucky to be in the midst of my course mates because they were always prepared to help out each other. The tutor on the other hand was also very helpful, always on hand to explain what we didn’t have a clear understanding of, and because of that I always looked forward to each lecture every week. I initially had some reservations, not in my ability to study but because I was already committed to something else at the time. But I always love a new challenge; and having finished now and looking back, I can only say that I am glad that I stuck with the decision to go for it. I have always taught little children in the ECCE but I’m delighted I made the decision to become a trained tutor and I can now share my passion for teaching and learning with grownups as well, thanks to this course. So would I recommend it?  Yes I will without a doubt recommend it to anyone thinking about becoming a trainer and course facilitator.”  – Carol Azams (Train the Trainer Feb 2014)

“I recently  completed the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) course in BAPTEC. The course ran over a seven week period, each week concluding with an online examination in the relevent ECDL module. The training facilities provided by BAPTEC were excellent, as was the quality of the training itself. The BAPTEC instructors were very helpful and were easily, and happily, able to adapt their instruction methods to suit the abilities of the individual students. The BAPTEC instructors and other staff succeeded in creating a relaxed but always professional atmosphere, which was very helpful in the context of the weekly examinations.  Overall, my experience with BAPTEC has given me the encouragement, motivation and confidence to continue learning and upskilling to take advantage of new employment opportunities becoming available.” – Therese Slator ECDL April 2013

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“I am delighted I took the opportunity to undertake the Train the Trainer course with Baptec.  The course exceeded my expectations in terms of both the content and quality of delivery.  The attendees were given support and encouragement throughout the programme and the training was delivered at a pace that worked for all participants.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting into the field of training.  Overall, an excellent learning experience”.  – Dee O’Malley (Train The Trainer June 2013)